vinicunca sweater
brown haired latina girl wears hand knitted dk weight slipped-stitch sweater, in grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
truss hat
brown haired latina girl facing away from the camera wears hand knitted off white hat on a white background
vinicunca hat
bosque wrap
colmena shawl
miel sweater
jupiter shawl
itatiaia cocoon
nogueira sweater
trio sweater
janis wrap
hermes socks
hermes hat
splitz shawl
mariposa sweater
mauah socks
mascavo wrap
samambaia sweater
truss shawl
bebel shawl
itaunas shawl
take your vitamins
geriba cardigan
lastarria sweater
twisted cables
inti sweater
saudades shawl
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