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twisted cables (and hello again!)

Hi everyone! I know it's been a little while since I last came here, and now I realize that I have nothing less than 6 projects to tell you about! That's a LOT!

So instead of making an never-ending post of all the six, I thought I should start back again where we left off and make up for our lost time, right? And while we are at it, might be a good idea to may be talk about the ones I have accidentaly slipped altogether along the way...

Back in the beginning of July, the TWISTED CABLE HAT went live. This interesting and surprisingly easy-to-memorize cabled hat pattern is worked in the round from brim to crown. I love ribbing, specially for hats and socks, because their highly adaptive nature makes them perfect for gift knitting.

As usual, this pattern covers many sizes: Baby (Toddler, Child) [Adult S, M, L] to fit a head with 15 (17, 19) [21, 22.5, 24] in/37.5 (42.5, 47.5) [52.5, 56, 60] cm circumference, and includes slouchy and non-slouchy instructions to suit every preference. And also as usual, I love a good chart, so the instructions for the cables are written and charted for your convenience.

For the sample I used a skein of a local chilean brand, Lanabel Lana Pura 100% sheep wool, that I had on my stash from pre-lockdown days. I used 4 mm/US 6 circular needles with 40 cm/16 in cable length, then changed to dpn's when the crown circumference was too small for the cord.

I have to say, this was one of my favourite test-knits: the participants went out-of-their way to

help each other and I got a lot of feedback to improve the pattern. There was a great community feeling in the thread, and I think it shows in the pattern and the project pages. If you want to check their hats, you can find some pictures on the Ravelry's Twisted Cables pattern page.

I hope you like it!

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