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Happy birthday Cachupina!

Today's post is not knit related - it's about my number one knitting friend, my best couch companion, our tabby cat Cachupina.

I have talked about her a little bit on some of my podcast episodes, and she even made a star appearance on one of them (spanish podcast episode 07 "de vuelta"), but today I would like to share her full story here.

She showed up at my husband's job around February 2017. She was quite young, less than a year old, and they named her Cachupina because there was a very famous cartoon here in Chile of a puppy called Cachupin. So everyone here, when they hear her name, laughs and say they love it. Sociable and talkative, she made some friends there, got a job as the new warehouse pest-control chief, and got some food and pets every now and then as payment.

Months went by and, and as it happens sometimes with young people, they grow up and start developing, let's say "physical" interest in others. And it wasn't any different for this young lady. She found a signficant other, we don't know if it was like a summer fling or a long-time loving boyfriend, but the result were a few little ones

After recovering, they took her to the vet where she was spayed, and her kitties found some forever homes with some of the workers and their families. Life resumed to normal, Cachupina went back to work and everything was great for a while until she decided to expand her territorial boundaries.

Suddenly the warehouse wasn't enough for her anymore and, as she started exploring, she found the factory's kitchen and cafeteria. And, let's be honest, who would like to hang around a big, cold warehouse chasing their own food when there was an unlimitted supply of delicacies just around the corner?

All would be wonderful if it weren't for health code regulations. Apparently it's not ok to have a cat walking around food, so she had to go.

When my husband told me this, we decided to bring her home to us. The picture above is on the day we met, which was one year ago today. We took her straight to the vet for a check up where they told us she was very well taken care of in the warehouse, apart from some small mats in her back.

After just a few hours at our house, she was already feeling relaxed and completely safe at her new home. She is a playful cat, with a very strong personality, super talkative and very sweet.

All this is just to say, happy birthday Cachupina! We love having you here and couldn't imagine life without your meows, bites and purrs. And no, you won't get a taste of the cheesecake, but we will give you a cat snack to celebrate. We love you, our bolotinha!

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